Introduction to Online Bingo

People all over the world love to play bingo, but it's not always convenient to take the time to drive to the bingo hall, get set up and spend hours in play at a time. Online bingo allows you to get all of the excitement with a larger variety of games than you'd normally find in land-based games. On top of that, you have a number of options for game fees and promotions that give you a better value as well. Besides bingo it's also worth checking out the latest online video slots at various casino's. We want to give you an introduction to playing bingo on the Internet so that you can decide for yourself if it's for you. New online bingo players receive a bonus on their first deposit or claim a No Deposit bonus just by signing up.

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Types of Online Bingo Available

Let's start off by looking at the types of bingo that you can play on the Internet. People from the United States are probably used to bingo games played on a grid of five rows with five letters. This is called 75-ball bingo, and it's one of the most popular games on the Internet. Something the Internet allows for this type of game is a wider range of patterns, so you aren't stuck with the normal, boring, same old thing. The games also go faster because it's easier to play multiple cards since they're displayed in a more organized way on your screen without you having to shuffle a bunch of cards. Players from the United Kingdom are probably more familiar with Housie bingo that uses three rows of nine columns with five numbers shown in each row. This is called 90-ball bingo, and it's all about trying to line up numbers across the rows horizontally.

It's a faster-paced game than 75-ball bingo, and it's the game that most US players tend to convert to when they see how much action there is. However, players from the UK who prefer a slower, more relaxing game often find themselves defecting to the US 90-ball games instead. Other types of online bingo can give you some different experiences. For example, with 80-ball bingo, you'll have an experience that's a lot like the gameplay of 75-ball bingo with a twist. There are five rows with 16 numbers each, and they're broken up according to four colors that help to determine how you win. Players who want to enjoy Speed Bingo can play the 30-ball games as well, and this game is always played with a "full house" pattern. You get nine randomly-chosen numbers on your card out of 30, and you win when all nine of them have been called. This is a very, very fast-paced game that's perfect for mobile players who just want some quick action.

Besides having a larger variety of games to choose from, bingo players on the Internet also have more stakes to choose from. You'll have a hard time finding live bingo rooms that offer cards for less than $5 or $10 in many areas, but you can play for as low as $0.05 per game when you play online. This gives you more action for less money since it's easier to play multiple cards on the Internet. Tons of free games are also available where you can win real money prizes without having to risk anything with an entry fee. On top of that, you'll get rewarded for your deposits with bonuses and other promotions. When you deposit with an online bingo bonus, you'll get extra money added to your account that you can use to get shots at winning big prizes in your games. Overall, it's a much better value with a wider variety of stakes, promotions and games when you play bingo online.